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  • May 16-18, Virtual or In Person

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Augmenting the Human Element of Support with AI: How SupportLogic and Salesforce are Working Together to Transform Customer Support

May 17, 11.00 - 11:45 AM

In this session, SupportLogic CEO Krishna Raj Raja and Judith Platz, Chief Success Officer at Salesforce will discuss how AI/ML is helping to transform human-assisted support models to become more proactive to enhance both the customer and employee experience.

In this session we will explore:

  • The importance of analyzing the customer signals found in unstructured support data
  • Amplifying systems of record with AI-driven intelligence tools
  • How predictive AI can drive more proactive engagement models to reduce escalations, improve CSAT and other key support metrics
  • How AI can help support deliver insights back to the entire enterprise

Meet the speakers

Krishna Raj Raja

Founder and CEO, SupportLogic

Judi Platz

Chief Success Officer, Salesforce

Future Ready Sales: Unlocking Hidden Customer Signals to Drive Revenue Growth

May 17, 12.20 - 12:40 PM

Join Vishal Talwar, high tech sales leader at Genpact, and Joe Andrews, chief marketing officer at SupportLogic, to find out how you can reduce churn, ignite growth, improve quoting processes and renewals, and increase customer lifetime value by using an integrated, AI-powered B2B platform.

You will gain deep insights on how to:

  • Use more than 100 data points to analyze customer support sentiment, predict and reduce customer escalations & churn
  • Use these data sets to find, win, and keep more customers
  • Access comprehensive customer health scores to enable real-time churn prevention and retention, upsell, cross-sell, and renewals

Meet the speakers

Joe Andrews

CMO, SupportLogic

Vishal Talwar

VP, Head of High Tech, Genpact

About SupportLogic SX

The Continuous Support Experience Platform

  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing ticketing system
  • Read every ticket and automatically extract signals using AI/NLP
  • Maintain context across conversational and ticket boundaries
  • Predict outcome and provide proactive recommendations with intelligent workflows
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